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August 8th, 2018 -Testimonial

HI Jim:

“As you may recall, I took your course in Reno a few weeks ago. I submitted my first demand using your program last week on a case that the adjuster had said all along was not a policy limits case.  I am happy to report that after the adjuster had the file for a total of one week, he offered the policy limits of $100,000!  My client has UM benefits of $250,000 which I can now pursue. For Christ’s sake Jim, why didn’t you tell me about you sooner?”

David E. Buckley, Esq.
Buckley Law Offices, PC
Nashua, NH 03060

“Hi Jim,

I know I usually email you with questions/problems I need help with but I wanted let you know how well the cases have been going and to thank you for your invaluable training.

As you had predicted, those $25k policy limits cases are getting easier and easier with adjusters not putting up such a battle. We actually had one case with USAA where they came back with a policy limits even though there had been a lower counter offer on table. (I’ll take it!)

Although it has been a battle the apportionment tactic has been slowly but surely getting the adjusters on board. In negotiating those cases, “apportionment negotiation” has helped with my negotiating skills in general since they have been some of the more difficult discussions I have had to have with adjusters. The rest seem to go relatively smoothly in comparison.

One of my favorite developments in the last couple of months has been my dealings with State Farm, who has up until a then has been my biggest nemesis. Thanks to you they have not only begun falling in line, but have been coming back with higher offers than most of the other insurance companies…

Natalie Roos,

Operations Manager


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State Farm ducks racketeering trial with $250 million accord

Tim Bross, Margaret Cronin Fisk and Jef FeeleyBloomberg News

State Farm, the biggest U.S. auto insurer, agreed to pay $250 million on the brink of a trial in which customers claimed the company tried to rig the Illinois justice system to wipe out a $1 billion jury verdict from 19 years ago.

Customers were seeking as much as $8.5 billion in damages in a civil racketeering trial that had been set to start Tuesday in federal court in East St. Louis. The company denied any wrongdoing in settling the claim, according to court papers. A judge granted preliminary approval to the accord and set a final fairness hearing for December.